1. Thank you so much for your advice about how long the maximum time a kid may spend at a daycare is. Leaving them there for too long might end up causing them to feel anxious since they’re not used to being in a place that they’re not familiar with at all, so we best avoid any bad experiences like those. As soon as I find a daycare in the area, I’ll practice leaving my child there with the proper scheduling that you talked about.

  2. Hi, I’m afraid my husband and I have been leaving our two yo son at daycare for 11-12 hours. I’ve been feeling bad about this and searched up and found your article. I’ll now try for max of 10 hours for the reasons you shared. Thank you for your insight!

  3. It’s nice to know that there are child care center that are open for about 12 hours everyday. I’m interested in looking for one because I might get a bit busier at work in the coming months. Making sure that someone is watching over my son would be very important.

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